Get deeper insights into your overall health with a simple, non-invasive test

What is HTMA?

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening test that measures the levels of minerals and toxic metals present in hair samples. It’s been used worldwide for over 100 years.

HTMA is non-invasive, inexpensive, and very accurate. It’s also a great way to assess, monitor, and guide the process of improving health and wellbeing.

Almost all of us have had other body tissues and fluids tested, but hair can provide some unique details about our overall state of health. When we have our blood or urine tested, the results of the test are usually a snapshot of what’s going on in the body at the time the sample was taken. Our body chemistry can change on a daily basis, depending on our stress level, our diet, and many other things. Testing the hair can give a bird’s-eye view of what’s been happening during the 2-4 months leading up to when the sample was cut—a kind of “metabolic blueprint.”

What can hair tissue mineral analysis reveal?

How well is your body working at the cellular level?

Are your cells able to make enough energy? 

Are you able to use the nutrients that you’re taking in every day?

Is your body able to keep your blood sugar balanced?

How much stress is your body able to handle?

Do you have heavy metals stored in your body?

How well are your digestive, endocrine, and immune systems able to do their jobs?

Hi, I’m Hayley!

I want to help you take your health goals to the next level. I help motivated people like you to get to the bottom of their symptoms and create a game plan with actionable steps.

Using HTMA allows my clients to save time, energy, and money. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a lot of different supplements and therapies over the years, hoping to find the one that’s “just right.” And you’ve probably discovered that there is no magic bullet. But what if there was a test that showed you which bullets to use? HTMA does just that. I use it to identify my clients’ metabolic patterns, nutritional imbalances, and possible sources of toxicity.

My goal is to empower my clients to take charge of their health and move upward to higher and higher levels of vitality.

Here’s how it works…

  • After you purchase your package, I will mail your test kit to you and send you info on how to collect your hair sample, which you will mail directly to the lab
  • I will ask you to sign a disclaimer and fill out a health history questionnaire*
  • If you choose the HTMA Program package, I will send you a link to book your 30-minute intake session
  • Your test results will be ready 1-2 weeks after the lab receives your sample. Once I receive them, I’ll send you a link to book your recommendations session (90 minutes for Consultation package, 60 minutes for Program package)
  • Test results will be shared electronically and will include a customized food list, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and a list of potential sources of heavy metal exposure

*All information will be shared electronically via a HIPAA-compliant online client portal. You must have the ability to access the internet and/or download the Practice Better smartphone app in order to work with me.