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Hi, I’m Hayley. I help exhausted women in their thirties and forties to nourish themselves on a bio-individual level so they can reclaim their vitality and start enjoying life again.

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About Me

Hayley Andrews, FNTP

Welcome! Let’s see, a little bit about me…. I’m a lover of  yarn, sunshine, corny jokes, and hummus. I’m also a big believer in minimalism, especially as it relates to reducing the stress of modern living. I received my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in June 2018. I have also completed further education on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

 In my own health journey I’ve had many periods where I didn’t recognize the exhausted person in the mirror. I didn’t truly feel like MYSELF. I bring that personal knowledge of what it’s like to barely live life into my nutritional therapy practice. Because of my own experiences, I’m passionate about helping others to discover and become the best version of themselves, to live life with energy and enthusiasm.




Online Nutritional Therapy

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